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APR 8 Stockton Sailing Club Stockton CA Looks like the first local of the year
APR 9 Berkley Yacht Club Berkley CA  
 MAY 6 Nautical Swap Meet, Owl Harbor, Isleton. Info,

(916) 777-6055 or

MAY 6 Marine Swap Meet, Chula Vista Marina, San Diego, Chula Vista CA (619) 691-1860 or 7 a.m.-noon.
MAY 13 Marina Bay Swap Meet Richmond CA

8a-12p 510-236-1013

MAY 27,2017 Banon, OR.  
AUG 12,2017 Point San Pablo Yacht Harbor Richmond CA. Spaces 10 bucks
AUG 26,2017 Ida Tyer Flea Market @Vallejo Yacht Club Vallejo CA This used to be all marine but in the last few years it's become a mix.  Still find a few good buys.
DEC 9,2017 Alameda Marina Salty Swap Meet Alameda CA Something to satisfy the swap itch til next season..There a lot of activities on the estuary during the day and the lighted boat parade in the evening.  Do the swap , go have diner, and come back for the parade.  Whadda deal!! 


  ....... COMMENT.......    
  This last summer wasn't the greatest swap season we've ever had.  Many of the local SF yacht clubs have decided for what ever reason to not hold a yearly or bi-annual swap.  It seems to me that for their members if nothing else, one would be a great service to those looking to get rid of a few things and buy something for a lot less than retail.  I do know that SF boating activity is down quite a bit from years past. 

I've also been aware that a few swaps were held on the QT..  No advertising.  Just to keep the regular swappers away and not loose that great buy while the organizers wandered in after breakfast...  It's a dis-service to the one time sellers who are there to get rid of stuff.  Regulars are there at the crack of dawn with a pocket full of money buying things that they might be able to resell at a future date and make a few bucks.  OR.. gasp!! buy something they might need for themselves??  That's why a seller has gone through the trouble of cleaning out the dock box to begin with..  A lot of things go unsold because of this.  This isn't a show and tell.  So let's hope they get back on the band wagon along with those missing in action Y.C.'s.

Due to father time catching up with me I only made a couple of the swaps, and for those wondering I made some great and not so buys.  But we did have fun socializing with many friends we've got to know over the years.

I really hope 2018 is going to see a lot more activity.....