This is a D27 that we found listed on Ebay.  We thought it would be of interest to some folks.....


27hp Yanmara-d27-5.jpg (36925 bytes) Diesel Outboard Motor

 Yanmar D27 diesel outboard motor. It's a 27hp, 3 cylinder, direct injection, water cooled, tiller controlled, 22.5" shaft, electric start outboard that will run on diesel, kerosene or biodiesel.

The Da-d27-3.jpg (13813 bytes)27 has proven very reliable - two motors like this powered a 35' multihull across the Pacific (only 385 gallons were used in the 2,250 mile leg to Hawaii), and I used an identical motor for over 3,000 miles of open ocean, as an auxiliary when my primary 180hp engine failed during a circumnavigation, running the entire time on fuel made of soybean oil.

The motor uses 1-1/2 gallons per hour at full speed, and doesn't suffer from the high whining noise and vibration that are the curse of gas outboards. If you use biodiesel for fuel the exhaust smells like popcorn instead of the underside of a truck, and there are no diesel fumes in the boat. The high torque and reliability make a-d27-2.jpg (17738 bytes)it a great motor for a commercial work boat, auxiliary, or any application where reliability is essential.

This motor was a company demo model used in South America, then I kept it as a land-based reserve in case my primary Yanmar failed (never did) . Not sure how many hours are on it, I've had it in storage since '96, but when I used it for a half day last year it ran perfectly...and it started easily this week - no guarantees can be made and the motor will be sold as is. It appears to be in good shape, with a few scratches and wear points. The only problems I'm aware of are the eventual need to replace fuel lines (easy job) which soften over a-d27-1.jpg (18603 bytes)the years from biodiesel, and a chip in the bottom cowling at the back, where the latch fastens the cover in place (see photo). The latch works fine, and could be easily repaired with fiberglass or aluminum. See specs and photos below (more photos can be emailed).

I will also include a service manual and a variety of spare parts, including spare injector, impellers, drive belts, zincs, fuel and oil filter, seals, prop shaft nuts, and various gaskets and replacement nuts/bolts. I'm checking on the value of these spares and will revise this page when known.

These motors sell for about $8,000 (1998)