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  • STANCHION. 1" tapered stainless.  Double Lifeline height 25"&13.5".  Excellent condition. stanchions only, 1 ea.   Wiped out a stanchion lately?   Here's your replacement...     
  • NICO Marine 73-30  1.25" Genoa Track Slides.  Cast Stainless Retail $131.99 ea.
  • NICO MARINE  RF6721BLK Snatch Block. Trunion.  Retail $105.00
  • NEW!!..  Click on the picture to view Blocks and Misc hardware.
DSCN0008.JPG (71748 bytes) $5-$100
  • ENKES 10" locking winch handle.  Stainless steel,  Double grip, excellent condition.  Being stainless they will not pit up or corrode on you over the years.  Fits standard 8 point winch socket.
DSCN0006.JPG (71275 bytes) $85
  • LEWMAR 10"locking winch handle.  Double grip, excellent condition, 2 available.    Fits standard 8 point winch socket.  Retail $118.00
  • LOOS PT3 Pro Series Tension Gauge
    for 9/32"5/16"-3/8" Wire Diameter. 
    As new in the box.


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