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business hours

CAST-AWAYS' business hours are 7am PST to 6pm PST Monday thru Friday. 7am PST to noon PST on Saturday.  Our phone number is 916-402-1481


CAST-AWAYS accepts payments in the form of a Money Order or Cashiers Check written on US funds.  Personal checks are excepted, however there will be a ten (10) day delay in shipment of the merchandise in order for the check to clear our bank.  

VISA/Master Cards.  After pursuing a Visa Account we have found that the cost of initiating and running a merchant's Visa account would be cost prohibitive,  (quite frankly we just don't trust them), and we would have to pass that cost along to our customers in the form of higher prices.  So, we're asking that you make payments the 'old fashion' way described above. 
Many Thanks!!

The statement above no longer holds true.   After much deliberation, and from the above you know how we feel about online cc use,  we have decided to add Pay-Pal to the website.  Simple and easy to use, it allows those of you that wish to send money on-line, to do so. After contacting CAST-AWAYS for shipping costs and a total, just click on the LOGO below and fill in the blanks.  If you're already a registered user then you know how easy it is.  For those first timers, believe's painless....   Try it, you'll like it!!  We also can send Paypal invoices to your email address to facilitate your purchase.  All we need is your email address and phone number.

AS soon as we're notified that the transfer has occurred, we'll get the item on it's way

CAST-AWAYS primarily uses UPS and USPS whenever possible.  We will ship via alternate carriers whenever it  proves unfeasible and will 'bend over backwards' in order to accommodate the customer.  All shipping charges will be estimated by way of the UPS or the USPS Web Site from Zip code 95608 and will be added to the purchase price.


CAST-AWAYS warrantee is petty straight forward.  If the item purchased does not function as intended, CAST-AWAYS will: #1 replace it with a like unit, #2 repair it, #3 refund the purchase price less all shipping charges, and any assessed credit card fees where applicable, for a period of 30 days from date of purchase. This will be a CAST-AWAYS'  option.   Don't drop it from a tall building, run over it with a steam roller,  take it swimming and expect recourse.  After the 30 day period, lets talk about it.  We want to keep you happy whenever possible.


Returns to CAST-AWAYS must be pre-authorized.  In order to facilitate handling, call for a shipping ID number.




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